Ambient atmospheric landscapes of the far and distant inner travelling. Feel the sounds deep and etheral , let the senses guide you, close your eyes breath deeply the sents of time passing through your body.The planes of cosnciousness coincide over the realms of perception. The gates of upgraded cosnciousness lie open to those who seek the truth and let themshelves free to their inner call. Enjoy the sense of sound and be part of a mystical tribal everlasting dance.

-Is everybody in?

-Is everybody in?

The ceremony is about to begin!

We are all made of stars

It was not a bad day to die. Besides, life in recent days, had offered unimaginable experiences and exceeded the wildest imagination.

Sitting lying on the floor of the largest super market in the region. This was an advantage he had gained over the others, but what mattered was not something he really understood. Simply he used to repeat this to himself as a hope of note.

With very slow movements he was able to dive off the shelf and grab a little something to eat. The chances, however, was definitely against him.

- "You know the nature always materializes those situations presenting the greatest probability density", told Mr. Bernard, his neighbor, just before all this started happening. Not always Mr. Bernard! Now chaos. Did not see him split into molecules a while ago?

So he and so many others had decided to sit up empty handed and wait until all this was over, of course, according to the declarations of the experts who argued that in line with the principle of minimum action that would improve the chances of survival.

All they had to do with those of electroweak unification experiments with gravitational and strong interactions. In 2000 they said that something can be enough to build an accelerator with great energies. Well its been accomplished! The largest accelerator you could imagine. A ring around the earth. This combined with its huge energy collectors. How on earth they had managed to turn every form of radiation into usable energy a god knows. But what is God?

- "God does not play dice" but rather lately had been into thick gambling. You hear things there: They had seen many people be thrown into space with great speed, so out of the blue. In terms of physics was a violation of the energy conservation principle, in terms of logic ... There is no logic. It died when he walked into operation ETAS (Extra Terrestrial Accelerating System) .It was like you could see the room folds before your eyes like paper. The first few days occurred first symmetry violations. It was fun to see apples coming up, but it was not just that.

Human! The most evolved being on the planet. Always finds a way to survive. Crap ... They forgot to say that it is sensitive to the slightest alteration of the natural world around him. Now he died every day like flies. The irony is that he was dying, in other circumstances, of incredible misfortune. But we said luck is a majority issue. Now the minority ruling and nothing seemed to change that. The system had entered a state of irreversible .This fucking ETAS had forever changed the initial conditions, was rebuilding ground zero. He had thrown the keys from the runaway train of leading humanity into oblivion of creation.

The problem was not the attempt to explain the nature, but the experiment itself.

- "You know my dear," he had spoken to his chubby neighbor with the little beard in the chin, "when you measure something you put your hand on it and then have it all changed." It was not nature, but the way they were trying to investigate. No matter how much armor you have placed on the accelerator behemoth they failed to tame both enormous amounts of energy which eventually created a crease in the space-time continuum. One was for sure: life in the same form and under such conditions do not go together. It was funny thinking how it could be. Perhaps particle concentrations in cloud form they could withstand the countless rearrangements which would be subjected.

- "But how could I know?" He thought, "I was making watches in my whole life"

"Remember that retro party?" He whispered to himself, "everything was perfect. Free drinks , free cigarettes, extravagande music and we danced all night, or rather all night and some of the morning. Then we were not afraid to make a move. She was there as well, with this glittering face of big eyes. " Now he was sitting up on his own feces and trembled like a fish.

- "This is not life! I'll play and let loose"

He raised his hand to catch a beer. "Fucking Science" shouted with all his strength. He saw his hand to change a thousand forms and colors. He began to see these thousands of pieces in which most solution swirled with tremendous speed radiating a beautiful range of colors. He was in United with the Whole the One and he could feel it.

- "At the bottom, below we are all made of stars," he muttered and disappeared.

Connection is established at irregular intervals and at non-fixed hours but with a certain feeling